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  • Honest Flavors

    Most of our spices are imported directly from Ahmedabad, India. Helps us in preserving Authenticity!
  • Pani Poorie Stall

    Pani Poorie seller @ Juhu Beach, Mumbai, India!
  • Papadi Chaat

    One of the most popular chaat! Made in Minnesota.
  • Tandoor Oven

    This is where the delecious naan bread and chicken is grilled.

At Jalsa we prepare all your meals with traditional Indian spices, and herbs. This helps us to achieve the authentic Indian taste in all our dishes. From hundreds of different food offerings of India we have tried to create a menu that has few dishes from popular regions of India. So visit us and test the real food culture of India.

Real Indian Food!

Chaat is a very popular category of fast food in India. They are often served on road-side tracks from stall or cart. Origin of chaat is known to be Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh region of India. If you need to see how they look, go to our menu and click to see each item. Our cashiers are trained to give you more detail information of ingredients for each of our menu items. Feel free to ask them about it. Generally they contain all kinds of  flavors  including spicy, sweet and tangy!

Juhu Beach Food Stalls

          Chaat Stalls @ Juhu Beach, Mumbai, India




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